From the early days, the Cricket Club had been playing at Lyburn Park, by invitation of the owner, Mr R C Leigh, who had also supplied the teas. However in 1925 they asked permission of the Forestry Commission to have a pitch on the Green. They received permission in time for the 1926 season for a payment of five shillings a year and any fence was “only to be of a temporary nature”. This pitch was probably unique in that it included parts of two roads, the boundary being the garden fences (i.e. the County Boundary). An extra duty of the umpire here was to check that no vehicles were coming before giving a nod to the bowler to bowl. Besides the traffic problem, a ‘six’ could break tiles on cottage roofs, Boundary Cottage was particularly vulnerable. (The then owner is reputed to have said “I don’t mind the tiles so much, its the fact they laugh”). In later years the increase of road traffic delayed the bowler more and more often. So in 1973, the pitch was moved so that the nearest road now became the boundary and play could be continuous. However, cars still need to be aware of batsmen hitting a six. The Club were also given permission to build a small pavillion, which is sited between the trees, and indeed the new pitch still has 4 large trees (oaks and beeches) and the War Memorial inside the boundary. These difficulties are offset, at least for the spectators, by the magnificent view across the wooded Hampshire countryside to Dean Hill on the edge of the Hampshire Basin.


1986 – NFL Stone Cup Winners

1987/8 – NFL (Indoor) Div 4 Winners

1988/9 – NFL (Indoor) Div 3 Winners

1989 – NFL Division 2 Runners Up

1989 – Border (Tues) Div 2 Winners

1990 – NFL Division 1 Runners Up

1991 – NFL Division 1 Runners Up

1992/3 – NFL (Indoor) Div 2 Runners Up

1993 – NFL Division 1 Winners

1993 – Stone Cup Winners

1994 – HCCL West Division Runners Up

1994/5 – NFL (Indoor) Div 1 Runners Up

1995 – HCL West 3 Promoted

1995/6 – NFL (Indoor) Div 1 Winners

1996 – HCL West 2 Winners

1997 – HCL West 1 Promoted

1997/8 – SADICA (Indoor) Div 4 Winners

1998/9 – SADICA (Indoor) Div 3 Winners

1997/8 – SADICA (Indoor) Plate Winners

2000 – HCL West 1 Runners Up

2000 – Border (Tues) Div 2 Winners

200/1 – RICL (Indoor) Plate Winners

2003 – Border (Tues) Plate Winners

2003 – Border (Tues) Div 2 Winners

2003 – Border (Tues) Plate Runners Up


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